Tongue Tide: Full Schedule

–A month-long exhibition exploring the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its limitations.
 Calendario Completo (español)

July 6th, 6-9PM- Opening Reception

Featuring The Blue Bus Project, and performances by Irene Chan, JeviJoe Vitug, and Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson impersonating Donald Trump

July 7th, 

6:30PM – 9:30PM 

Food Forum & Artists Walk

Exploring perception, affect and communication through food, walkings and writings.

  6:30PM Great women of Queens – A dinner conversation with artist Bibi Calderaro and Xenia Diente at the Jamaican restaurant, The Melting Pot Cuisine organized by Xenia Diente. Please RSVP to

8PM Waves of WoW Artists Walk* 
by Bibi Calderaro 

join – , inspired by Helen Keller, Toni Morrison and Patricia Ticineto Clough. WoW is a performative walk from the restaurant to the Queensbridge riverfront and back to Flux Factory — reading, talking and composing a performative bridging gesture together while the full moon rises in the sky. *Walk is limited to 15 people. Flashlights suggested! Please RSVP to tonguetide@fluxfactory.or

July 8, 15, 22, 29.

Saturdays 3pm – 6pm – Arts Workshops

Windmill Community Garden 39-22 29th Street, Long Island City Saturdays from 3pm – 6pm 

Artist Masoom Moitra will offer arts workshops for all members of our community Saturdays during the month of July. 

Workshops will be located in the Windmill Community Garden, across from Flux Factory. 

To register please email or phone 631-612-7283 or walk in. 

All sessions are free and open to public

July 13, 5:30PM – 11PM – Flux Thursday

5:30PM Waves of WoW Artists Walk* by Bibi Calderaro, inspired by Helen Keller, Toni Morrison and Patricia Ticineto Clough. WoW is a performative walk to the Queensbridge riverfront and back to Flux Factory — reading, talking and composing a bridging gesture together. *Walk is limited to 15 people. Please RSVP to 

7PM Potluck 

8PM Performances by Maribel Plasencia and Purgatory Pie Press 

9:30PMDance Party

July 15 & 16, 1-5PM

Artists Books Workshop

“Los libros de la interpretación” with Carlos Salas In the Windmill Community Garden

This project engages image interpretation as a universal language. Regardless of the language you speak, you can identify the images you see in the stains, building a visual language or symbolic understanding. The Books of Interpretation becomes an instrument for interaction in different languages. Including both a book of spots and a workbook, viewers can interpret the stains and then write their observation in the workbook, using the language of their choice.  At the end of the exercise, the Book will be filled with the interpretation of the observers constructing a book of meaning in different languages.

Thursday July 20, 6-9PM 

Special Gallery Hours

Open to the public as part of LIC Arts Open 6:30PM Artists Walk*by Bibi Calderaro, 

*Walk is limited to 15 people. Please RSVP to

July 22, 11:45AM-1:45PM 

 Food Forum: The Color Blue Across Languages

A conversation with artist Magali Duzant, talking about her project, A Light Blue Desire — an artist book mapping the amorphous definitions of blue across languages. 

Blue is generally outside of the first 5 colors to be named in a language, appearing much later than black, white, or red (as well as green and yellow); if we are late to naming a color do we use it, how do we embody it?

July 22, 2-5PM 

 LICCA Arts Stroll

The stroll features a guided tour of Materials for the Arts (MFTA), and a special curators tour of the exhibition Tongue Tide, currently showing at the Flux Factory. 

July 26, 8PM – Cinema Flux

Film program organized by J Triangular. 

A decolonization of the imaginary and the forms of representation. Verbal amalgamation, counter-discourses, hybridizations, Peripheral strategies, meta-narratives, TRANSFORMATIONAL IMPACT! a diverse reality with a subversive content, linguistic and semiotic analyses , symbolic connection, new universes of meanings all of this and more!!! AT TONGUE TIDE!!! CINEMA FLUX! all invited! A special film session with poetry, performance, and sensorial cinema, reinventing the language constantly, synchretic, diverse and complex. Visual statements, social engaged artistic consciousness, THE OTHER VANGUARD*

July 28, 1-3PM – Food Forum with artist Patricia Silva

Patricia will discuss her on-going book project, Urbeto, dealing with collective experience of respatialized diasporas through labor. Meet at the 180-year old Neir’s Tavern “The Most Famous Bar You’ve Never Heard Of” for lunch and discussion led by Patricia Silva.

   Silva has been photographing Queens since the late 1990s. The selections currently in the Tongue Tide exhibition are photographs of storefronts throughout the borough of Queens. The images include some of the longest operated small businesses in NYC, along with others that have not survived, and some that are hobbling along. Three of the businesses pictured are among the longest-operated small/independent businesses in New York City.

July 29, 11:30AM-1:30PM – Food Forum with artists Emmy Catedral & Jevijoe Vitug

A conversation exploring the connections between trade routes, colonialism, immigration waves and how it’s all reflected in food and language.
Cuisine / Price
Filipino Brunch  
Special: $12-15     (Each guest is responsible for paying their own meal.)   

Krystal’s Cafe   69-02 Roosevelt Ave 2nd Fl  Woodside, NY 11377

Facebook Event

organized by Xenia Diente.    Please RSVP to

July 30, 2-6PM -Closing Reception


Performances by Amela Parcic & Marija Draskic, and Patricia Silva, with an opera byMichal Dzitko, as well as a potluck dinner organized by Masoom Moitra.

2pm Community Potluck 
3pm Performance by Patricia Silva 
4pm Performance by Amela Parcic & Marija Draskic
5pm Opera by  Michal Dzitko


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