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  Tongue Tide Open Call 
Inspired by the location in Queens, NY, Tongue Tide invites creative practitioners, artists, performers, researchers, and educators to submit proposals for new artworks, workshops, and performances with the subject matter of language. Artists will receive stipends to participate. Tongue Tide is one of Flux’s major 2017 exhibitions and is curated by Emireth Herrera and Christina Freeman.
Deadline is March 30th  Submission instructions below Exhibition dates : July 3rd to August 2nd, 2017 APPLY HERE
August 10 - 15
39-31 29th Street Long Island City New York 11101 Opening Times: 3pm - 9pm / Sat 13th: 11am - 9pm EDT Performances 4pm - 6pm EDTTom's Etching Studio London 5th Floor 9 Queen’s Yard E9 5EN Opening Times: 7pm - 11pm BST Performances: 9pm - 11pm / Sat 13th: 7:45pm - 11pm BST3459 is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition aims to connect London and New York by using Tom’s Etching Studio and Flux Factory, as such the title references the 3459 mile distance between the two cities.Artists and viewers will be connected through a 6 day live stream between the two spaces. With the time difference acting as a natural curator, we invite the public to witness the transition and coming together of the two gallery spaces as time permits.The theme of the exhibition arose from its format, inviting artists to build from their own interpretation of this ‘marriage’. The two spaces will host installed works and a schedule of daily performances. 3459 artists actively challenge the boundaries that physical space imposes.
Flux Thursday 
August 11, 6-10PM Dinner at 6:30PM activities start at 7:45 / RSVP-pleaseThe event is free, but do bring some food or drink to share!Please join us on Thursday August 11th for our monthly community potluck and art salon: an informal time to catch up with old friends, eat something delicious prepared by our artist-chefs, and learn more about projects by Fluxers old and new.This month, Flux Thursday is part of the group show 3459, which is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition connects artists in both London and New York City via livestream, two cities 3459 miles apart. Flux Thursday : 3459 presents works by Niki PassathJoelle FleurantinClaudia Edwards and Felix Gotts
Thinking like a machine, Niki Passath 2016
Opening reception:    July 20, 7pm - 9pm 
Robotic workshop:     July 20, 12pm - 7pm 
Exhibition:                  July 20 - July 21
Flux Factory, New York 
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the human, especially the working human, has increasingly adapted to a coexistence with machines. The human has become a prosthesis for the non-organic body of the industrial factory. During early adaptation this occurred mainly on the material body, the hardware of humanity. Simple repetitive movements on the assembly line became the tasks of the workers to fulfill those duties the machine could not.
The promise was that humans of the future will not have to work, machines will lighten the load. However, the importance of ones identity being tied to her/his occupation became increasingly socially relevant. With the invention of the computer, machines have moved away from hardware towards software; machines began to acquire a brain. In this new epoch, is it possible that human are still a prostheses of the machine? Now not only attached to the body but also an amendment to its thinking? It can seem that with the wish of creating machines that think like humans, we have also created humans that think like machines. More and more a human defines itself by the work it does, no-matter how unnecessary or meaningless this activity is. It is often the case today that there is no need for working humans, as artificially intelligent systems can control and realize the whole cycle of industrial production. What do we do now that the human is redundant? The July 20th workshop on Wednesday will allow participants to create a robot from scratch. These robots will act together to become a amalgamated body, which will enact a performance during the opening reception. The reception and exhibition will feature the robots made during the workshop. curated by: Emireth Herrera

3459 Open Call 

Flux Factory - Relapse

Artists are invited to submit proposals for a collaborative exhibition exchange with partners Relapse, an online community for artists working in various mediums, Tom’s Etching Studio Hackney Wick, an art organization in Peckham, London, and Flux Factory, a collectively-run artist residency in Queens, NYC. 3459 is co-curated by Emireth Herrera Valdes in New York and Relapse in London, and will take place in August 2016.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-15 16.21.20  

Proyecto ENLACE / EAP-Museo MARCO / 2016

Proyecto Enlace was the first time event that we celebrate between Escuela de Artes Plásticas UAdeC, Saltillo, Coahuila and Museo MARCO, Monterrey, NL. The workshop culminates with the exhibition "Ibídem, en el mismo lugar", at Museo MARCO in April, 20th. Enlace MARCO-EAP  

Noches De Maak El Nodo Ciudad Creativa / 2016


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