FORMA  2015 Diseño con Sentido en La Habana, Cuba
Emireth Herrera and Raquel Torres, Forma 2015
FORMA 2015, La Habana, Cuba
            How does an abandoned space become a cultural center that engages community? EL Nodo Estación Creativa: Cultural Center located at the train station in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. It used to be an abandoned space, nowadays it is a creative space where people can dream, create and make dreams real. The pedestrian bridge beside this building has divided the city periphery of downtown for several decades. Culture is transformed according to society, its values and transitions; a train rail road station is in a way, a symbolic monument with profound symbolism about culture and identity. It represents the industrial evolution and the dissolution of borders. The train station has had a high impact in Mexican cultural identity and it is influenced by daily changes so that there is always a transformation among inhabitants, culture, identity and other participants such as students, artists and curators. This is the process that models a new context conveying meaning and significant experience. The fact of generating artistic practices would recognize an urban analysis, anthropological research and the essence of this work would be the community engagement to “make a little switch in people´s minds and lives”. This is how we can all participate and make possible an evolution in certain spaces which are vulnerable and would become empowered.
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